My Life as a Sailor

Even as a young boy I had been dreaming to sail the seven seas in my own small yacht. Up to a point (finances permitting) I have been able to fulfill this dream. In the 60's and 70's I owned a 23' sloop Chega, which I kept in the Bahamas, and used to sail and live on each winter for several weeks


 With Chega at Great Exuma, Bahamas

Later, in 1992/1993, I purchased the 29' Caraboi (Khmer for Water Buffalo, renamed from Sundance) in San Francisco and sailed it single-handedly across the Pacific Ocean to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo, and then together with Su to Phuket in Thailand. You can read about this adventure in Voyage to the Promised Land

caraboi.jpg famboat.jpg
Caraboi at Langkawi, West Malaysia                          With Su and the girls

susun.jpg gbdinghy.jpg
captain.jpg mate.jpg
                                         Captain               and mate

Cleaning and painting on the beach