Guenter Bellach


Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS.)) commissioned 1962 
Canada Lands Surveyor (CLS.) commissioned 1967 
British Columbia Land Surveyor (BCLS) commissioned 1972 
Nova Scotia Land Surveyor (NSLS.) commissioned 1974 
Manitoba Land Surveyor (MLS.) commissioned 1975 
Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS.) commissioned 1978 



N.W. Moyles, Ontario Land Surveyor, Toronto:
1954-1956: Survey assistant, later instrument operator and junior party chief on a variety of surveys for urban development projects in suburban Toronto.

 Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Canada: (now Geomatics Division , Dept. of Natural Resources)
1957: (winter season): Junior party chief on the survey of the inter-provincial boundary between Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, responsible for distance measurements and for the placing of boundary monuments.

 B.M. Galloway, Ontario Land Surveyor, Toronto:
1957: Instrument operator and junior party chief on highway surveys in central Ontario.

 N.W. Moyles, Ontario Land Surveyor, Toronto:
1958-1961: Party chief on various types of surveys for urban development projects in southern Ontario.

 W.N. Wildman, Land Surveyors, Toronto:
1962-1963: Project surveyor, mainly responsible for surveys for acquisition of valley lands by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.
1964: Project manager in charge of Phase 1 of the re-survey of the town of Hawkesbury, eastern Ontario, for confirmation of all boundaries under the Boundaries Act and for first registration under the Land Titles Act (Torrens system).

 Office of the Director of Titles, Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Ontario: (now Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations)
1964-1965: Legal Surveys Examiner, engaged in office and field examinations of survey plans submitted for registration.

 Marshall Macklin Monaghan Ltd., Toronto
1965-1969: Project surveyor, mainly in charge of highway surveys for regional highway authorities in Metropolitan Toronto and southern Ontario.

 O'Brien Engineering Company Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas:
1969-1971: Project surveyor, in charge of various boundary, subdivision, topographic and engineering surveys on New Providence and other islands.

McElhanney Surveying and Engineering Ltd. Vancouver
1971-1973: Project surveyor in charge of various surveys for the logging, mining, oil and land development industries throughout British Columbia and on bathymetric surveys and oil rig locations off the east coast of Canada.

 Marshall Macklin Monaghan Ltd., Toronto
1973-1978 Chief of Legal Surveys, Surveying Division, head office. In charge of the Legal and Engineering Surveying Department. In 1978 this department had a staff of 45 and a yearly gross revenue of $ 1.3 million.
1979-1983: Manager of the International Surveys and Western Canada Surveys Departments, Surveying and Mapping Division. In 1982 these departments had a combined yearly gross revenue of $ 0.7 million. Engaged and in charge of administration and in preparation of many major proposals for survey work in the Middle East and in western Canada with individual project values of up to $ 3 million. Also acting in an advisory capacity for Cansult Ltd., an affiliated firm, to their survey branch managers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and in Muscat, Oman.

 Cansult Ltd., Toronto
1983-1984: Chief Surveyor at Cansult's branch office in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. In charge of the Surveying Department, which had a staff of 11 and a yearly gross revenue of $ 0.7 million.

Phuket Universal Services Co., Ltd., Phuket, Thailand
1994-1995: General Manager, in charge of operations. The firm provided services in international freight forwarding, Customs clearance and related fields.

 Guenter Bellach, Survey Consultant:
1984-1993 and 1996-1997: Self employed, pursuing assignments as consultant or project surveyor/manager with surveying and consulting firms and government agencies world-wide. Special field of interest: Application and development of software for field data collection and processing on personal computers. A major portion of the services provided during the latter part of this period involved participation in the POLARIS (Province of Ontario Land Information System) project

Guenter Bellach and Bunmuang Phetlert:
1998-2012: Private land survey practice together with my Thai wife in Phuket, Thailand, including work in Central and Southern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.


Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Retired Member
---Surveyors' Bond Committee Member (1973)
---Cadastral and Engineering Surveys Committee Chairman (1976-1977)
---Taskforce on Deferred Monumentation Chairman (1978)
---Control Surveys Committee Member (1980-1981)
---Hydrographic Committee Member (1980-1981)
---South Central Group of Ontario Land Surveyors Director (1976)
Canadian Institute of Surveying (now Canadian Institute of Geomatics) Member (1962-1991)
---Toronto Branch Chairman (1976)
Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors Member (1975-1982)
Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors Member (1974-1986)
Corporation of British Columbia Land Surveyors Retired Member
Association of Alberta Land Surveyors Member (1978-1985)
York Regional Land Division Committee Member (1977-1980)
Canadian Hydrographic Association, Central Region Chapter Member


Address: Mail and Residence:
119/9, Moo 2, Tambon Srisoonton
Amphoe Thalang, Phuket - 83110, Thailand
Tel./Fax: 66-76-527073 - Mobile: 66-86-9467240
Date of birth: 4 July 1931 in Guben, Germany
Nationality: Canadian (by naturalisation)
Family status: Married to Bunmuang Phetlert (Thai)
Languages (spoken and written): English and German, fluent; French, Spanish and Thai, poor
Physical Condition: Good, (bicycled some 8000 km through several Asian and Central American countries
during the last several years. Single-handed crossing of the Pacific by sailboat 1991,
bicycled 500 km through Western Poland in 2005
bicycled 1200 km through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam in 2007
bicycled  650 km through South Korea in 2011
Leisure activities:  Travel, sailing, hiking, canoeing, reading, bicycling, computer programming


Mr. S.J. Statham OLS., CLS.
formerly Excutive Director
Association of Ontario Land Surveyors
1043 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, Ontario -  M1W 3W6
Tel. 1-416-491-9020
Toll Free: 1-800-268 0718
Fax:1- 416.491 2576

Mr. J.H. O'Donnell OLS., QLS.
(formerly Assistant Deputy Minister, Surveys Mapping and Remote Sensing, Department of Energy Mines and Resources, Canada)
CEO MMM International
Suite 310, 1101 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel. 1-613-221 9748
Fax 1-613-236 2270


The Town of Hawkesbury Survey The Canadian Surveyor, Vol. 20, No. 1, March 1966 
(co-authored with W.N. Wildman OLS., CLS.) 
The Role of Co-ordinates in Land Registration Thesis for admission to practice as a Manitoba Land Surveyor, 1974 
Deferred Monumentation, a Proposal Prepared for Council of Ontario Land Surveyors, January 1978
Monumentation in Modern Subdivisions Proceedings of the annual convention, Canadian Institute of Surveying 
Toronto, May 1979 
Ground Surveys, Domestic and Overseas Proceedings of the seminar Surveying for the Petroleum Industry
Canadian Institute of Surveying, Calgary, April 1980 

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