Aerodist Trilateration Survey of Guyana


On the left a sketch of the trilateration triangles employed in the first season covering the Northern part of Guyana.


On the right: The jungle clearing for the survey tower at station Lion in the Northwest interior, nearest settlement perhaps 100 km away. Howling monkeys gave us a concert each morning.


Left: taking it easy during a measurement at the station near Apoteri close to the Courentyne River, the border to Suriname


Right: Unloading the plane at Apoteri


Left: Aerial photography target at station Lion


Right: View from station Holitipu at the most Westerly corner of Guyana to station Roraima. I was supposed to go to Roraima, but the station was never occupied because the helicopter could not go there because of the altitude, 3,500 m, and too much cloud cover.


Left: Another spectacular view from station Maurugaru, near the Venezuelan border. Here we could admire no less than four waterfalls around us. Also the crew occupying this station before us had warned us about the extremely poisonous bushmaster snake waiting for visitors at a bend in the trail to the water spring. We were never able to find it !


Right: This is one of the branches of the Courentyne River (border to Suriname) where we got our drinking water at the station near Apoteri. The several weeks we were there we desperately tried to catch some piranhas with bloody bait, but caught only two. They look like big sunfish and taste delicious, but only during their mating season will they attack humans or animals bathing or drinking from the river. We did swim in the river as well as in the river at Bartica without any problems.


Left: Tellurometer with Zeniflub. The latter was used to direct the plane directly overhead the station for height calibration measurement.