Family Life in Phuket 1

We moved to Phuket in 2000. Here we rented a house first but soon had built our own house and moved into it.

Since then this house has been the happy home of Su and I together with Chuang, while Chim attended university in Bangkok. Also other members of Su's extended family lived here from time to time, while they were trying to find a job and foothold in this area of Thailand, which has much better job opportunities than where they came from.


Chuang, after finishing high school started a job in a bookkeeping firm but soon met Danny Maes, who was visiting here with two other Belgian friends. She married him soon after and  now lives in Belgium. She has a son called Alex.

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Chim, after two years attendance at Ramkamheng University, had to suspend her university education because of an accident, the result of which is a lovely girl, by the name of Faye. The relationship with Fay's father broke up soon after, and after a while Chim found a new husband, Boy, with whom she had another daughter, an even more lovely girl, Bee. Chim with daughters and husband have lived at our house off and on, but at present (2007) she and her husband and Bee live in Bangkok, while Faye is staying permanently with us. Also a couple of years ago we have taken into our family on a permanent basis King, the 10-year old daughter of Hon, Su's younger brother. Hon has another daughter, Mae, with his new wife and also lives in Phuket.


Faye was born on 6 September 2001,  and in October Su and Chim brought her to Phuket to live with us in our house here. She is a little girl, and is lively without being noisy. Most she likes to be held by her grandmother, who enjoys having her. She is making good now, for when in younger years she herself had to leave her own little children in her grandmother's care, because she had to go out to earn a living.


And of course, 'Opa' enjoys having his little granddaughter around also, as she enjoys sitting in his lap (left). Chuang and Danny were visiting in January 2002 from Belgium. Now Chuang is challenged to have her own baby (right)


During the long school holidays 2002 (April in Thailand)  we had additional visitors from Buri Ram, two nieces of Su, King and Prang. These two little girls had never been to the sea side and are making the most of it now.


Faye's first walk in October 2002 (left) and on the motorcycle with Mae and Su in October 2003 (right)


Mae and Faye December 2003 (left) and Faye with Opa at the beach (right)

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