Our Daughters in Thailand

Boonmag and Ratirat (Nicknames Chim and Chuang) are daughters of Su from a first marriage. They are a constant joy (with very few exceptions) to have around the house. Ratirat had her name changed officially from Boonmee, because she did not like it.


Su with both children at Wat Pra Kaeow in Bangkok

suchutem.jpg chchscho.jpg
      Su with Chuang at the temple, age 9 Chim with Chuang in school uniforms, Ages 11 and 9

chimgrad.jpg chuamiss.jpg
    Chim's graduation ceremony from Public School, age 12     Chuang as Miss Moo 18, Age 14

chimcomp.jpg chuafrie.jpg
            Chim at the computer, age 18 Chuang with friends from school, Age 16


 Ready to be taken to school, Ages, 12 and 10