My Canadian Family

Kirsten is my daughter and Roland my son from my first marriage in Canada. Kirsten is a mathematics high school teacher in Toronto, is married to Jeff Boucher, and they have 2 daughters, Katja and Bettina. Roland is a professional geologist with a B.Sc. in hydrogeology. He is married to Carrie Schmidt. They are at present both teaching at Kodaikanal International School in India. Roland and Carrie recently had a son, Lucas, born in India.

 Both my children and I myself are avid cyclists. I crossed India by bicycle twice, once together with my son and once with my daughter. Roland bicycled 5000 km through Europe at age 17, and became an example to Kirsten and me. Kirsten subsequently cycled 5000 km through Australia alone, and together with me made longer trips through Thailand, Java and Bali; and I made long trips alone through Central America, Thailand and the Philippines.


Left: .Roland and Carrie at their wedding, standing next to a map depicting the proposed route of their honeymoon trip around the world. They bicycled most of the way. Right: Kirsten and Jeff at their wedding, sporting Thai silk shirts

Katja and Bettina, Kirsten's daughters, in Canada and in Oberursel, Germany (2002)

Bettina and Katja with their "advent calendar", a German custom where presents are given each day in the period from 6 December until Christmas

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Su, Carrie and Roland at Phanom Rung Temple near Buri Ram

Lucas and Carrie the day after he was born                                                        Lucas


In his father's footsteps. Another touring bicyclist in the making

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