Bicycling the World

I am a fan of long distance bicycling in third-world countries. Over the years I have made longer trips through India, once across from East to West with my son Roland, once across from West to East with my daughter Kirsten, also Nepal, Thailand, Java, Bali, the Philippines, and last but not least through Central America from Costa Rica to Mexico. You can read about this trip in Between the Volcanoes

In the summer of 2005 I bicycled together with my son's and my daughter's families several hundred kilometres through an area which used to belong to Germany but is now part of Western Poland, to trace the roots of my father's family. Read about this in  Searching for our Roots in Western Poland

One bike trip, through Thailand, effected a major change in my life, because at that time I met my new life companion and wife, Su. You can read about this experience in  This Side of the Mekhong

In 2007 I bicycled again with my daughter and her family from Northeastern Thailand through Laos to Hanoi in Vietnam. Read about this trip in The other Side of the Mekhong

Back in 1989 I made a very interesting trip to Southern China, this time not by bicycle, as it was not permitted at that time. Please read about it in  Journey into Hades

In the Spring of 2010 I backpacked through   Baja California, Mexico for 10 days.

In the summer of 2011 I bicycled with my daughter and her family, as well as with my son andone of his sons, Lucas, from Soeul to Busan in South Korea, some 650 km. See a narrative and pictures of this trip at  Cycling through the Mountains of Korea